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We are located in Ventura, California, and offer a comprehensive array of health and wellness services based upon the principles of Traditional Naturopathy.

Permen Naturopathic utilizes different assessment tools such as kinesiology, urine, saliva and blood assessment, Body Composition analysis, Heart Rate Variability analysis, homeopathy, herbology, acupressure and personally designed clinical nutrition.


Breast Thermography & Full Body Scan Imaging

Breast Thermography & Full Body Scan Imaging

Introducing Dawn Belden, Certified Clinic Thermographer and Breast Health Specialist. Breast Thermography is a digital, infrared photograph of tempurature variations within the breast/body. Changes in heat patterns can be indicative of disease, inflammation, healing...

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We are very conscientious regarding the products we utilize and recommend to our patients. Having spent many hours researching the wide array of products available, we ensure that not only the final product, but also the raw materials and manufacturing processes have been thoroughly tested and held to the highest standards.

We carry many lines and are proud to offer Standard Process, Biotics, Doctors Research, Metagenics, Vitality Works, Newton Homeopathics and more.


“I am grateful for my improved health and well being, both physical and mental. I’m thankful to know there was a cause & that I was not losing my mind! I’m thankful to you for my body returning to a healthy state and for my renewed energy.”


“Thank you, Larry for helping me to feel the most balanced I have in such a long time. I know I will get even better. I have learned a lot.”


“I feel healthier, stronger & energized! Through your whole body rejuvenation I no longer have allergy symptoms and I’m able to more easily handle stressful situations. You’ve also helped my husband feel much better. He is physically stronger and mentally more alert. We are so grateful for your care of us, your knowledge and your expertise. Being healthy is no longer just a desire, but an achievable goal!”

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