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Whether you’re suffering from allergies, headaches, issues with fatigue or weight loss, digestive difficulties, even menopausal symptoms, we can help.

We have a wide variety of services to fulfill your health care needs. Remember, at Permen Naturopathic we believe in treating the cause of your symptoms, not just the symptoms. After all, a band-aid™ will only stick for so long.

Finally, another choice in health care for Ventura County. It’s Health Care and Wellness designed to treat the cause, make you stronger and is customized especially for YOU.


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Traditional Naturopathy is a distinct system of non-invasive healthcare and health assessments in which neither surgery nor drugs are used.  Learn More »

Heal Ventura naturopathy plant flask imageBioMeridian Assessment

Metabolic Urinalysis


Digestive Profile

Blood Chemistry Assessment

Salivary Hormone Testing

NTx Urinalysis


Heart Rate Variability


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Homeopathy is defined as a system for treating disease based on the administration of minute doses of a drug that in massive amounts produces symptoms in healthy individuals similar to those of the disease itself. Homeopathy has often produced curative results in instances when traditional medicine has failed.

Heal Venura Homeopathy

Homeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing which assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person and that it is the patient who needs treatment not the disease.

It has also long been considered an ideal form of treatment for symptoms related to emotional upsets.


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collage image of healthy foods and exercise as part of Permen Naturopathic Purification Program



by Standard Process

We do spring cleaning of our houses… now why not do the same for our bodies?

What would you do if you knew that within 3 weeks you could vastly decrease negative physiological symptoms, rebuild yourself naturally and perhaps even shed some extra weight?

Purification is the internal cleansing and detoxification of our bodies, and it is something that we recommend doing once, or optimally twice, a year to ensure health and vitality. Toxic overload is an unfortunate side effect of our modern environment and many of us, even though living seemingly “healthy” lifestyles, can succumb to a myriad of effects from these toxins. To name just a few:

Headaches ~ Fatigue ~ Weight Gain ~ Weak Immune Systems

Lack of Mental Clarity ~ Sleeplessness

Ultimately, these effects compromise our immune systems and our ability to adapt to, or eliminate these stressors.

Stressors come in many forms, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, pollution, etc. Surprisingly enough, our bodies also produce toxins such as ammonia and carbon dioxide which if not readily broken down by our bodies, become difficult, if not impossible to eliminate.

Build up of these toxins can suppress proper functioning of the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin.

What is a cleanse?


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Heal Ventura - Solis Sauna


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  • Screen for indications of breast disease 8-10 years prior to a mammogram.
  • Safe & effective screening for dense breasts & breasts with implants.
  • 100% safe & non-invasive. No harmful radiation or deep compression of the breasts.
  • Our thermal images are read by MD’s certified by the American College of Clinical Thermology.
  • We feature State of the Art Digital Technology.

What is breast thermography?

Breast thermography is a 15 minute safe & non-invasive test offering the earliest screening possible. Its role in breast cancer and breast disorders is to help in early screening and monitoring of abnormal physiology and the establishment of risk factors for the development or existence of cancer.

This procedure empowers women to make decisions at the earliest moment possible and to take a pro-active approach to their health through nutrition, hormone balancing and healthy detoxification.

Through these life saving steps and with consultation with their doctors and health practitioners women can take action to improve their breast health and overall well being.

Our Breast Thermography services are provided by Dawn Belden, Certified Clinical Thermographer and Breast Health Specialist. Dawn partnered with Jackie Kane, Executive Director of the Thermography Center of Santa Barbara who opened her Thermography Center because of her deep commitment to “healthy, holistic alternatives to women’s health, especially the issue of breast cancer”. Dawn and Jackie provide this incredible service and believe it is a safer more accurate alternative to traditional mammograms. Jackie tells us, “Breast thermography is a completely safe procedure which is non-invasive thereby avoiding deep and dangerous compression of the breasts. I am very concerned about the use of mammograms due to its many inaccuracies including a high rate of false positives and negative test results and a painful procedure which includes extreme compression of the breasts which could result in an increased chance of developing and spreading the cancer throughout your body.”

The screening, thorough and comprehensive takes only 15 min. whereafter the results are analyze by MD’s certified by the American College of Clinical Thermography.

For more information about Dawn and about Breast Thermography screening, please visit www.thermographycentersb.com.

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“A nutritional program that is tailored specifically for your kind of metabolism and that will meet the special and unique nutritional needs of the one and only you.” ~ Health Excel

We offer the Advanced Program from Health Excel, whose system of Metabolic Typing is based on over 25 years of empirical research in the exciting field of metabolic typing and the determination of individual metabolic requirements.

“ADVANCED” Program – Available only through a Healthexcel certified Metabolic Typing Advisor and includes consulting. Comprised of a more extensive computer-based questionnaire analysis that reveals your Autonomic, Oxidative, Endocrine and Blood Type as well as your Dominant System (AUTONOMIC – Sympathetic, Balanced, Parasympathetic, or OXIDATIVE – Fast Oxidation, Mixed Oxidation, Slow Oxidation).

This highly individualized program goes far beyond the Basic and Intermediate Programs, providing a 20 page report and 10 page diet plan for the metabolic type, as well as extensive lifestyle information specific to success with the program. It is designed to be a “metabolic balancing program.”

Remember, what works for one person may not work for another as every body is different. Health Excel states that unless you match your nutrition to your metabolism “you’ll only be wasting time and money.” Most people we know don’t have either to spare!

Let’s work together toward your success by meeting your nutritional needs, which are as unique and individual as you.

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Permen Naturopathic provides NanoSRT


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Heal Venura Acupuncture


“I have to tell you that I feel great! I’ve been strictly following your instructions since our last meeting. I haven’t had coffee, sugar (not even ice cream!) or breakfast cereal. I make a protein shake each morning and add berries per your suggestion and am managing to keep my meal portion size smaller. For the first time in many years, I have not had a single tums! I just don’t have heartburn problems now. It’s like a miracle…all thanks to you!”


“Conventional doctors and Gastorenterologists could not help me, even though trying for years with pills. My good friend first sent me here and now I feel FANTASTIC! Larry got down to the root of my problems and we have worked on the cause rather than just treating the symptoms. Thank you!”


“The Doctors gave us no hope, then a friend pointed the finger to you; a person with the answers; someone who’ll make you new! With Larry and his help, the right food & herb combination; we are here today for this wonderful celebration!”


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