About Larry Permen, CTN, ACN

Larry Permen NP, CTN

Larry Permen holds a Naturopathic diploma from the California College of Natural Medicine (1999) and is board certified as a Traditional Naturopath with the American Naturopathic Certification Board, which supports the standards and ethics necessary to describe nutritional wellness and Traditional Naturopathy as distinct approaches to health and wellness.

Larry is an alternative and complimentary health practitioner, not a California licensed physician or medical doctor and thus works only with the most natural of alternative health treatments.

In addition, he has studied shiatsu acupressure, Korean Hand Therapy, lymphatic detoxification, is an enzyme therapist and a certified Homeopathic practitioner. Larry informally began his internship in this field in 1991, became vice president of Broadmoore Labs, Inc. in 1994, and has worked full time in this field ever since.

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