Introducing Dawn Belden, Certified Clinic Thermographer and Breast Health Specialist.

Permen Naturopathic provides full body thermographyBreast Thermography is a digital, infrared photograph of tempurature variations within the breast/body. Changes in heat patterns can be indicative of disease, inflammation, healing or repair. Thermography is a painless, non invasive, state of the art clinical test without any exposure to radiation and, when combined with breast self-examination and doctor examination, is used as part of an early detection program which gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage. It is particularly useful for women under 50 where mammography is less effective.

Thermography may also be used for full body imaging. Our center provides full body thermography for the detection of thermal markers which may alert your doctor to a current of future problem.

“The first step to avoiding breast cancer is educating women and empowering them to make decisions based on sound holistic options.”

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